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Prices starting $1000 sedan up to $1750 XL SUV

For New off the lot vehicles we are offering the GTECHNIQ Line of protection

Gtechniq is the high-performing solution for your car, powered by ceramic coating experts Gtechniq. The system offers a scientifically tested system of protective treatments that outperform anything else available on the market.

Exclusive to new "fresh off the lot" vehicles – keeping them looking newer for longer, offers a solution for paint, glass, interior and wheels.

Paint Protection

The system offers a scientifically tested, protective coating that outperforms anything else available on the market. Exclusive to new "fresh off the lot" vehicles – it keeps your vehicle's paint looking newer for longer. Delivers high-gloss, UV protection, durability and swirl resistance, all with a 3-5 year durability.

Glass Protection

All external windows are treated with a hydrophobic coating which is durable and optically clear. The non-stick nature of the coating makes your glass so much easier to clean. Rainwater is repelled off your windows offering fantastic wet weather visibility, and added driving safety.

Wheel Seal

Gtechniq wheel protection is unique. Alloy wheels are porous, the Platinum formula bonds to the surface of your wheels to become the functional layer – filling in all crevices, resulting in a dense, slick surface. This makes them much easier to clean, repelling dirt and brake dust, as well as reducing stains.

Interior Protection

Biocote® Protection

Using Gtechniq with Biocote® to protect your car's interior can help prevent the growth of microbes.


Leather & Vinyl Protection forms an abrasion resistant matt finish which offers unrivalled protection from dye transfer, UV rays and discolouration.


Fabric & Carpet Protection, protects all kinds of fabrics from water based stains. It makes ordinary fabrics waterproof and easy to clean


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