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Labocosmetica is something we just started to use in July 2022, a very high end and specific use products from coatings to snow foams and industry leading research some of their products are becoming main stay in our line up

Nasiol was added January 2024 to our line of ceramic offerings after testing and seeing the quality they offer, other special products like a temporary PPF ideal for motorbike trips will also be brought in this spring

Also in January 2024 we brought in specific products from GTECHNIQ to make a New Car Package that at minimum equal but usually better then what Dealerships off at a much better price.

Around March 2022 our main supplier brought in KochChemie and after slowly trying out a few of their products especially their pads and polishing/cutting products we have started to move over to a majority of their products


Rupes is a world wide leader in polishing machines and products

We currently use the ibrid nano, 3" DA amd 5" DA, rotary some of their pads and compounds

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